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:user => the user name to log in as; this overrides the user parameter, and is primarily only useful when provided via an SSH configuration file.:user_known_hosts_file => the location of the user known hosts file. Set to an array to specify multiple user known hosts files.

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Dec 19, 2013 · "The password is invalid for \\hdqncnetapp1\psmaps$." It then prompts me for a user name and then a password. If I type in my windows logon ID and password it works. I don't want my users to have to do this. How can I avoid this in Windows XP? Oct 29, 2020 · As you can see the Google page is used here like we did for the login page in the Selenium example. Summarizing It All. The Page Object Model is a great way to create tests that are easy to maintain and will allow you to scale your testing efforts faster, as you can reuse the object as required for any test automation flow.

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[Dean Gaudet] PR#1211 *) Warn user that default path has changed if /usr/local/etc/httpd is found on the system. [Lars Eilebrecht] *) Various mod_mime_magic bug fixes and cleanups: Uncompression should work, it should work on WIN32, and a few resource leaks and abort conditions are fixed.

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