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Jul 14, 2017 · The Mauser Model 98 is a true classic when it comes to bolt-action rifles. And with the company's return to this iconic design, it is again turning out a highly engineered gem. Raise your firearms IQ with Gun Digest 2017.

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Action: Bolt Action Rifle. Effective range: 1000 yards . Capacity: 5 round internal magazine . M1903 prices - $300 - $7500. M1903 History. The Springfield M1903 can trace its design roots to the Spanish Mauser rifle so closely that many say that it is actually a Mauser design with only slight modifications. International Surplus Gun Parts

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Complete mauser large ring european commercial actions manufactured by SARCO worked for over a year to bring you this colossal opportunity to own a brand new, complete...Aug 01, 2010 · Re: My Mauser chassis rifle Cool.Get him to pick up a 8x63 Swede barrel too.They are for a variant of the 1919 BMG and they are new and awesome.You can cut the threads off and rechamber to any 8mm round from 8mm Mauser to 8mm Remington Magnum.They are tapered and come out to about .940 at the muzzle.Sarco has a ton for 28 dollars each.

Vintage Mauser Model 98 22 Bolt Action Wood Rifle Stock. $95.00. 98 Mauser Right Hand Classic English Walnut Rifle Gunstock. $300.00.