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This code of rules governs the playing of kickball by teams at Kickball365 Circuit Events (Co-Ed & Women’s Divisions). These rules serve to promote that spirit of fairness, sportsmanship, and fun. Kickball365 and the Rules Committee requires all coaches,

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Some kickball leagues allow up to 12 players on a lineup and require at least eight players on the field. The rules of kickball are not as strict as baseball and softball, and do not require teams to denote each player and their position on the field. With that said, each kickball team is required to half a pitcher, catcher, and basemen.

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Official KIN-BALL® sport Rules Last revision June 2016 P.O. Box 45009 Charny, Quebec, Canada G6X 3R4 Tel: +1 514-252-3210 Fax: +1 418-832-6932 E-mail: [email protected] GAME RULES 1. Kickball’s will be provided by university Recreation 2. A team consists of eight players. A minimum of six is required to start and continue a game. 3. Games are 7 innings or 55 minutes. If the time limit has elapsed and the inning in progress has been completed with the score tied, the game will remain a tie. 4. Virginia Beach Field House Kickball Rules 1. FIELD: a. The center of the pitching area is in the center of the diamond, at approximately 42 feet. It is directly aligned with the first base/third base diagonal. b. The strike zone extends to 1 foot on either side of home plate (which will be marked), and 1 foot high.

b. a ground ball is fielded by a defensive player and hits a runner with the kickball at the shoulder level or below or tags a base while in possession of the ball that forces a runner out 10. When a thrown ball goes out of play, a runner will be given the base made plus one. A base is not considered made until it has been touched. 11.