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I Want A Deeper Rumble. Not Louder, Just Much Deeper. The best sounding Harley mufflers I've ever heard were the stock slip-ons minus the baffles on my HD Sportster 883. Deep and rumbling, but not obnoxiously loud. I've got Screamin' Eagle slip-ons (2003 version) on my Ultra Classic, and...

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Good build quality. Inlet and outlet tubes remain the same diameter through the entire muffler. This is a large and heavy muffler. The sound is deep, mellow, not raspy and best of all, no interior drone. I have it on a 2003 F250 with a 5.4. I have a custom built Y-pipe, 3" intermediate pipe, 4" diesel tailpipe and 5" stainless tip. If you didn't find the answers you needed on this page, please send your questions to us at: [email protected], or call our Tech Line @ (800) 817-3930 and a member of MagnaFlow's tech staff will help you.

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Just by removing the baffles, your exhaust machine will have a much deeper and satisfying sound. Removable baffles are readily available, and usually, any standard motorcycle should have one. So, unless yours is rare or vintage, it should feature a removable baffler. Sound waves bounce around, reflecting against the walls of inner chambers. When the sound waves collide, they cancel out. The number and size of the chambers creates the noise-reduction and tone of the exhaust. Turbo mufflers contain perforated tubes that make an S-shape to allow exhaust gasses to travel through more tubing. A custom car exhaust system pumps up your vehicle’s power, but there are other reasons to invest in one. Consider the slight change in the exhaust note. With a custom exhaust system, you’ll notice a deeper, lower “growl” as your engine idles or roars to life.

Nov 25, 2015 · All cars must have an exhaust system in order to vent gases from the engine. However, your car’s stock exhaust system probably isn’t all it could be. Automakers are required to make a number of trade-offs to ensure that their vehicles meet the needs of many different buyers who live in many different areas, with many different driving habits.