Connect multiple bluetooth devices to android phone

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Dec 02, 2017 · Follow the step-by-step guide to know How to check Bluetooth Version on Android Phone without installing Bluetooth Version Checker App or any other Third party app.. If you want to know which version of Bluetooth does your smartphone support, then keep reading this step-by-step to find out the latest Bluetooth version in your Android phone.

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For guys who spent most times in a terminal, it makes a lot of sense to be able to connect to your Bluetooth devices such as Speakers, Transmitters and any other electronic devices from the terminal. In this article we’ll discuss how you can control a Bluetooth device from a Linux terminal – Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Arch based distributions. Same as with an iPhone, the process of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to an Android device only needs to happen one time. Once a Bluetooth speaker is successfully paired to your device, it should automatically connect each time it is powered on. Open the Settings app.

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A: Unfortunately, not all Android devices support a feature like Samsung Dual Audio; though, virtually all Android smartphones can connect to two devices simultaneously. For instance, the Google...

Fall Creators Update allows users to connect their Android and iOS devices to Windows 10. The feature is known as Continue on PC and it allows users to send web pages from their phone to their PC.2. Now tap on Bluetooth and use the Scan option to find available devices.Make sure the two Bluetooth headphones or speakers you want to connect are in pairing mode. If so, you will see them under Available Devices or Paired Devices if you connected them in the past.. 3. Once they show up, tap on them so that they get connected.