Angular material boilerplate

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Material Dashboard Laravel uses a framework built by our friend Federico - Bootstrap Material Design, who did an amazing job creating the backbone for the material effects, animations, ripples and transitions. Big thanks to his team for the effort and forward thinking they put into it.

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yo moonraft-boilerplate --help or yo moonraft-boilerplate -h for help. All options are not required. If not provided, default values will be used.--app-path='src' customize Angular's app folder, relative to cwd, default is src--dist-path='dist' customize build target folder, relative to cwd, default is dist

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npm i -g @angular/cli. Once installed, Angular CLI adds a new command ng to our execution environment. To create a new Angular project from the command line, run the following command: ng new PROJECT-NAME. This generates a folder structure with a bunch of files, a boilerplate Angular application, and a preconfigured build system.

Starter commands, major components, and CLI scaffolds Starter commands help generate new projects or add dependencies. Angular CLI commands help create major components by automatically generating boilerplate scaffolding code with … - Selection from Angular 6 for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications [Book] May 22, 2019 · Then use the following Angular CLI command to create a new Angular app: ng new angular-pwa. Choose Yes for Angular Routing and CSS for stylesheet format. We’ll use Angular Material to handle the look, layout, and accessibility of our app. Go into the angular-pwa directory you just created and add Angular Material: cd angular-pwa ng add ...