54 caliber round ball effective range

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Mar 30, 2016 · The .30-30 is still a very effective caliber for protection and game-getting. To this day, handy, fast .30-30 rifles are coming off the production lines, and modern bullet and powder technology like Hornady’s LeveRevolution series have breathed new life into this ancient caliber.

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Maximum effective range: 4921.5 feet (1500 meters) against 3/4" High Hard Armor (HHA) Can penetrate 34mm of hardened armor at 500 meters References [ edit | edit source ]

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This “range grade” ammunition is manufactured in the USA on high end arsenal grade machines and undergoes a loose visual inspection before packing. Ammunition is loaded using Lake City manufactured .224 diameter (223 Rem or 5.56×45 NATO) 64 grain pull down M856 tracer projectiles. 660 Vermeer Court Ponderay, ID 83852. Buffalo Arms is closed on the Following Holidays so that our employees can spend time with their families: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and The Day After, Christmas Eve (Open until 12:00 p.m.), Christmas Day, New Years Eve Day

2 (5-inch/54-caliber) lightweight gun is a modern U.S. naval artillery gun mount consisting of a The gun mount features an automatic loader with a capacity of 20 rounds. These can be fired under Mod 4: longer 62 caliber barrel for more complete propellant combustion, higher velocity, greater range at...