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1934 Chinese Junk Silver Dollar - 1934 China Silver Dollar Junk Boat Silver Dollar, PCGS MS64. Y-345. This mint state silver Yuan from the Republic of China is a frosty, lustrous, white coin with original, clean surfaces and no marks that distract. The strike is bold with full details on the ear, hair, and the sails of the junk.

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1893-S Morgan silver dollars are so renowned, that more exist today than were originally minted. Most Counterfeit 1893-S Morgans consist of altered versions of existing genuine Morgan dollars. The majority of 1893-S Morgan silver dollars are certified, so why would I need to know how to tell a fake one when I see it? The Peace dollar is a United States dollar coin minted from 1921 to 1928, and again in 1934 and 1935. Designed by Anthony de Francisci, the coin was the result of a competition to find designs emblematic of peace.Its obverse represents the head and neck of the Goddess of Liberty in profile, and the reverse depicts a bald eagle at rest clutching an olive branch, with the legend "Peace".

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The coin in our main picture is a beautiful Ellis Island commemorative coin produced in silver by the US mint in 1986. These sell retail today for $25 to $35 US dollars due to their silver content. They contain 0.77 troy ounces of silver and their value goes up and down with the silver market.

The legislation provided for the minting of the dollar, half a dollar, and quarter coins denomination from the 4th of July, 1975, to the 31st of December, 1976, and would bear the date 1776-1976 and special reverses. Also, there were expectations of 45 million coins in silver clad to sell to the public at a premium. Bicentennial Dollar Coin